Yandoit Cabin

Conceived as a sculpture within the landscape, the asymmetrical form of Yandoit Cabin sits sympathetically amongst the gum trees, creating an abstract statement within its rural setting. Externally clad with metal sheeting, the angular form reflects and absorbs the surrounding environment to provide a changing aesthetic through the day. The continual play of light and shadow strengthens the irregular form, whilst creating an external colouring that is always in flux. With the metal cladding casting reflections off the surrounding foliage and landscape, the burnt-umber tones of the cladding take on multiple hues throughout the day.

A refined and simple aesthetic was achieved throughout the interior, with white-washed plywood complemented by black steel accents and burnished concrete. The utilitarian areas of the home are hidden behind sliding plywood panels, allowing the laundry, kitchen and storage to be concealed from everyday view. The asymmetrical form of the home provides volume for a mezzanine bedroom above, where sharp lines converge to a single skylight. Providing framed views to the sky above, the skylight is the focus of the space, bathing the interior with an ever-changing play of light and shadow.