Projects Information

Eaglemont House

Construction completion 2025

Navigating its generous site, Eaglemont House sits anchored into the landscape, looking out over the surrounding native vegetation, as a statement of permanence. Combining a textural and refined approach, the scaled home is a matched offering to its enviably tranquil setting. Through a breaking down of the overall comprising form through subtleties, the three levels of the family home nestle into the steeply sloping terrain, with both a sense of ease and

Encased in an elongated European brick, the nuanced outer sleeve of the building becomes its own feature and encourages a dynamic light-play throughout the day. A monolithic philosophy is then interpreted through varying methods and at differing scales across the site – from the larger massing to each joinery element, detail, wall junction and transition. Framed views direct movement and sightlines, both internally and out into the landscape.

With the sculptural stair a prominent and connecting element between the levels, it also acts as a gesture of connection. Its solidity and sculpted nature set the tone for the home, where a mix of smooth plaster and stone are combined with muted and oversized timber flooring, adding warmth. Careful planning ensures visual connectivity remains, with frameless glass creating clear apertures out toward the horizon and over the existing tree canopies beyond. With a form that both pushes outward and in, moments of openness and retreat are created that reinforce the home as a balanced insertion in place.