Blackwood Studio

Located in regional Victoria, Blackwood studio was designed as two separate structures positioned around an existing home. Creating a sense of community through their composition, the new garage and studio provide privacy to the existing dwelling whilst creating a central courtyard in the space between.

The building forms are rural in nature with their gable roofs referencing the typical barn typology. With unnecessary ornamentation stripped back from the facades, the contemporary exteriors are clad with compressed cement-sheet cladding and corrugated metal to reference the materiality of the surrounding ancillary barns and sheds. Internally, the interiors are stripped back to a minimal white aesthetic. Used as a painting studio and gallery space, the white interiors are heightened through a an LED strip light along the ceiling ridge. Mimicking a thin slice of sunlight, the lighting design further enhances the clean and simple aesthetic whilst diffusing the interior space with functional light. Black rod bracing was custom designed to be as refined and minimal as possible, whilst also providing articulation and juxtaposition to the all-white interior.