Hardwood House

Hardwood House was designed with intended use as both dwelling and overnight high-end accommodation in regional Daylesford, Victoria. With this setting in mind, Barry Ludlow and Adam Kane worked together to create a contemporary home which referenced the warm textured timber chalets of alpine Europe.

The floor-plan lends itself to the flexibility of being used as a single house, or two independent and private rentals with separate entrances, facilities and outlooks.

Externally the building was designed as two separate timber-clad gabled forms, believed appropriate for the area. These pitched-roof forms were referenced internally with high raked ceilings which create a great sense of volume whilst reminding the occupant of their setting.

It was believed that a sense of comfort and relaxation could be achieved within the interiors through a darker, emotive colour palette, which was enhanced by the predominant timber-lined finishes. The timber floor, wall and ceiling linings, all of which were locally sourced and hand-finished, add a sense of warmth and luxury for the inhabitants, whilst referencing the surrounding garden plantings.